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Along the years we understood how hard it is to find really great swim wear that is at the same time cheap and of a high quality. Our experience basically made it possible to open swimsuitsPlanet.net and our main goal is to offer swimsuits that are affordable and stylish for any woman that might be looking for something like this.

Our main office is located in Indiana and there are many other outlets that we opened for you. We now cover China, Canada and various locations in USA so that shopping is as convenient as possible. In the past we basically preferred the big Internet boutiques that exist and the really well known fashion stores you can go to in the shopping malls but we did realize quite fast that the quality that we could offer was higher. Because of this fact, we built this site.

We also understand the fact that you cannot attend social gatherings and water activities while wearing the same swimsuits. You should never allow yourself to be seen wearing the exact same suit and that is why we constantly improve the collection that we offer and we do rise to the level that is imposed by branded swimwear. You will feel good when you choose any product from the gallery and we are happy to say that our customers are happy with everything that we offer.

Our company currently has very strong partnerships with some of the most well known international providers of swimsuits like Shuman, Ujena and Xinliya. For most people these names sound foreign, especially if you are from USA but if you do a little research and look for information about the companies, you will surely see that they have a spotless reputation. We are happy to offer luxurious products that are manufactured by these companies at prices that are very competitive when analyzing offered quality.

We manage to go beyond gender and age as we are catering for needs of all humans looking for high quality swimwear but we have to admit that the team working at Swimsuits Planet is specialized in offering fashionable garments for women that love style. In addition, we also sell swimming accessories and you will always find prices that are as low as possible. We will keep the site updated with new and hot bikinis as the trends dictate and swimming trunks that are as fashionable as possible.

When trusting Swimsuits Planet, you will always stay in fashion and never go bankrupt. The products do last for a lot of years and we do expect you to come to visit us often after the first purchase due to the quality made available. We invite you to look at the Reward points Program that we built in order to give you even more discounts whenever possible.

Look for the perfect swimsuit at Swimsuits Planet! Happy Shopping!



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We ship our swimwear products to United States (USA), Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Australia, New Zealand (NZ), Ireland, France, Singapore, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Africa, Middle East, South America, Asia and anywhere else in the world.