Are you among those women that love both 2 piece suits and 1 piece swimsuits? In this case, you will most likely want to look at a tankini. This is a bathing suit that will offer you extra cover for the bottom and the tank top is really comfortable while perfectly completing the ensemble. The swimwear is built in a way in which it can easily be worn and Swimsuits World guarantees that you can find a tankini that is made exactly as you want it while also fitting your specifications and measurements perfectly.


Summer Garden Print Tankini

$77.31   $46.00

Vector Curls-Print Boy Shorts Tankini

$49.95   $32.00

Ursula Tankini Clearance

$63.00   $31.00

Flowing Elegance Tankini

$86.00   $56.00

Layer It On Tankini

$84.00   $55.00

Jingeer Tankinis - JG1348

$71.00   $46.00

Hash-Plaid Tankini

$84.00   $55.00

Qihai Tankinis - QH2106

$71.00   $46.00

Pretty Plaid Tankini

$88.00   $57.00

California Casual Tankini

$82.00   $53.00

Earn Your Stripes Tankini

$84.00   $53.00

Qihai Tankini - QH2238

$80.00   $50.00

Qihai Tankinis - QH3109

$75.00   $49.00

Shuman Tankinis - SM15048

$83.00   $54.00

Shuman Tankinis - SM15049

$81.00   $53.00

Qihai Tankini - QH2261

$86.00   $54.00

Qihai Tankini - QH2246

$78.00   $49.00

Qihai Tankini - QH1271

$76.00   $48.00

Shuman Tankinis - SM15050

$80.00   $52.00

Shuman Tankinis - SM15060

$75.00   $49.00

Various Tankini Styles

The tankini first appeared in the nineties because of the work of Anne Colle who basically created the first ever swimsuit model of this kind. It is one swimsuit that is incredibly popular at the moment because it makes the women that wear it look stunning. There are some women that will surely find it as being perfectly suitable for them.

In the event that you are a chubby person or if you gave birth recently, there is a need to have extra coverage so that you can feel comfortable with how you look. The tankini offers you just that as it will surely increase your confidence.

Showcase Assets With Tankinis

A woman that wears a tankini does not have to be the bearer of incredible curves. The swimsuit is enough to make a woman shine when she does not have that 6 pack abs frame. In the event that you have a chest size that is above overage, opt for the low cut tankini models that offer a suitable emphasis of the breast area. If the opposite is true in your case, look for the high cut models because they put emphasis on everything else. Always go for a matching tankini low suit piece as soon as you chose the perfect top item in your case.

A Very Durable, Wide and Cheap Collection

The tankini collection that we currently offer can really be described with the three adjectives mentioned. Make sure that you consider a partnership with us because we can offer you the quality that you always wanted at prices that are incredibly low. We even offer free shipping as a bonus and that is a convenience that few other sites offer.



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